I have always been drawn to night. I love the darkness of the sky and how the moon can either illuminate the way or in its absence leave us encapsulated in a deep abyss. It is no wonder then that I should also be drawn to shadow work- as it is so often called. Though I prefer to think of it more as a disintegration of our ego states, which keep us from Self.

My name is Michaela though you can just call me Mikie. If you are here it is because you too are captivated by night.. and by that that I mean the many dark nights of the ego.

You are here because something is arousing within you; a calling so deep, so old, and yet so familiar that it feels like home. This is the very rustling that began my own waking and has lead me on my path to you.

A very brief bit about me; I am a trained Ayurvedic Practioner and followed this training with studies in Ayurvedic Spiritual Counseling through New World Ayurveda and in 2021 I completed an 8 month intensive course in Pranic Healing and Healing Light Yoga.  Additionally, I've spent several years learning, growing, and excavating my own spirit under the mentorship of my dear teacher Asrael. I am blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance. By and large, though, I am simply a human capable of seeing another's light and brilliance. I do not read futures, I am not into crystal balls. I am into God, the Universe, Source, gardens, the bees, and bridging the gaps between who we think we are and who we really are.  


I hope you will go on this journey with me. It will be the greatest gift of self-love you could ever grant yourself.  







Together we will wade through the cavernous voids within you to heal the hollows so that you can step fully into the highest expression of yourSELF.


In our time together you will become deeply attuned to your own intuitive guiding system, understand how to live under the guiding principles of your inner and outer nature, and heal both physically and spiritually.

Because we all journey through our healing at a different pace with our own unique needs there is no one-size, one price prescriptive package.  Each individual is able to opt into a free consultation whereby we discuss what is desired on the level of the energy body and the physical body.  We collaboratively determine a number of sessions and services that will meet your Spirit's intended growth.  For some, who are familiar with processing, a single session may suffice where others may want to dive deeper into their inner work with more sessions.  

In conjunction with what is birthing in the New Earth lines,  pricing is crafted in a way to meet the various financial realities of each individual.  


With Ayurvedic Counseling you will be asked to complete a comprehensive intake.  We will talk about your goals and concerns and then discuss protocols healing such as; lifestyle changes, dietary upgrades, herb and spice recommendations.  All of this  will be provided back in a written "Rx" and will be tailored to the cadence of change which will be most successful for your unique needs.​

Ayurvedic Counseling

These are deeply transformative sessions whereby we work through the various Koshic (energy) layers of our physical and spiritual Being.  We lean into innate intuition while calling upon higher beings to assist in the healing and unfolding processes.

Intuitive Alchemy

HLY is an energetic form of Panchakarma.   We may utilize ancient breath work, marma therapy, subtle energy movements and light needles to transform your energetic and physical body.  This is about opening energy channels and to the wisdom of the Divine to transform and heal.  Effects can be felt immediately and even days later.

Healing Light Yoga


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